it's time for change.

We bring awareness on what matters so we as a community can fix it. Cannabis prohibition has allowed many industries and companies to make a negative impact on our health, freedom and environment for far too long now.


Cannabis Prohibition has proven to fail year after year. Laws need to change so innocent people can stop getting arrested.


With synthetic drugs becoming stronger and more available, addiction and overdoses show no signs of slowing down.


Our air, land and oceans continue to get polluted due to traditional resources such as fossil fuels, plastics and pesticides.


As we continue to use wood based products, our forests will continue shrinking faster than they can grow back.

the solution? take control.

 Take control of your health, your freedom and the environment. Together, we can reduce prohibition, overdoses, pollution, deforestation and much more by utilizing the benefits of cannabis and pushing for better laws.


Since 10,000 B.C, Cannabis has gained over 50,000 recorded uses for medicinal, nutritional and industrial use. Many of these help eliminate and prevent the problems we are facing today with pharmaceuticals, fossil fuels, pollution and more.


Despite all the positive results showing cannabis is beneficial, people are still getting arrested for using it. We must take action for better laws and greater legal access.

numbers talk.

Why do we need to change the system?

Amount Spent on Cannabis Prohibition (U.S 2016)
$6 Billion
Arrested & Charged for Cannabis Possession (U.S 2018)
+600,000 People

Why do we need better access to cannabis?

Drug Overdose Deaths (U.S 1999-2017)
+700,000 People
Drug Overdose Deaths (U.S 2017)
+70,000 People
Opiod Overdose Deaths (U.S Daily)
+130 People
Cannabis Overdose Deaths
0 People

Why do we need hemp plastic?

Plastic Waste in the Ocean (Global Total)
+5,250,000,000,000 Pieces (TRILLIONS)
Plastic Waste in the Ocean (Global Daily)
+8,000,000 Pieces
Plastic Related Marine Mammal/Turtle Deaths (Global Yearly)
+100,000 Deaths
Average Time For Traditional Plastic to Decompose
10 to 1000 Years
Average Time For Hemp Plastic to Decompose
30 Days

Why do we need hemp wood?

Trees Removed From the Forest for Wood (Global Daily)
+200,000 Acres
Average Time For Trees To Fully Grow
30 Years
Average Time For Hemp Plants To Fully Grow
120 Days

let's go the extra mile.

Your commitment is our commitment. Be apart of a lifestyle that benefits your health and the community at the same time.




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